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Since our school’s daily operations take place in the French language, the following articles were originally written in French and have been translated into English by an online translator for the benefit of our English-speaking visitors. Although these engines are efficient, they are not perfect, particularly when translating regional dialects, cultural expressions and figures of speech. We hope these translations suffice, offering you a snapshot of our school and giving you just a taste of how our school shines in the Quebec City metropolitan area.

The red ribbon has been cut!

The red ribbon has been cut inaugurating the new Christian high school pavilion of the French-speaking Christian school L’École L’Eau-Vive (Living Water). The new building, including a double gymnasium, science lab and music hall, was constructed during the pandemic on time and

We are getting closer!

We launched the Dream in Color campaign last June with the goal of raising the $ 900,000 down payment requested by our investors. We knew at that time that we were dreaming in color, but that our great God could

Elementary birds of prey’s activity

The Faucon-Educ company from Montreal came to present birds of prey to elementary school children. This activity was organized to celebrate the start of the school year. The students were able to learn (among others) that the Great Duke of

Finally! Our students are back!

Everyone loves summer. Holidays… heat… freedom. Our school, however, was bored. It found the time long as the echo of children’s laughter and joyful cries grew ever more distant. It was time! Finally, on Friday August 28, students returned bringing

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