In order to promote the integration of non-Francophone students, our school has established a proactive welcome centre, which provides tailored, motivating and effective francization services.


  • Any non-Francophone immigrant student who is new to the Quebec school system.
  • Kindergarten to the eleventh grade.


  • To enable students to acquire, as soon as possible, a working knowledge of the French language, which can meet their academic, personal and social needs.
  • To allow students to become familiar with the culture of their new social and academic environment.

In this Program, Students:

  • Create friendships
  • Develop trust
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Work on special projects
  • Learn to correct their errors and understand them
  • Learn vocabulary while having fun
  • Follow written instructions to work on crafts
  • Tell stories to each other
  • Play games
  • Are motivated
  • Work hard and seriously
  • Learn verb conjugation
  • Prepare for exams
  • Write in French using the acquired vocabulary and the dictionary
  • Structure their ideas in French
  • Stay focused

Various extracurricular activities are available to students, enabling them to develop different talents and to keep them busy during lunchtime:

  • Science workshops
  • Cooking workshops
  • Personalized scrapbooks
  • Druem (djembe) lessons
  • Guitar lessons
  • Survival activities
  • Singing lessons
  • Chess games
  • Sports teams
  • Babysitting training program

Activities may vary according to the season: fall-winter and winter-spring.

A homework support service provided by a special education teacher is offered to stimulate your children’s success. This service offers a warm educational assistance in addition giving the parents some support. Students may meet up to five times a week in the school facilities, from 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. under the personalised supervision of Ms. Joanie Massé.


  • To increase academic performance
  • To maintain the students’ interest in school
  • To develop their autonomy


  • Students will have access to the computer lab and to the educational material.
  • Students will develop time management skills. Good work certainly bears fruit: their confidence in their academic abilities will increase, which will have a positive impact on their motivation!
  • A monthly progress report will be sent to your child’s teacher.
  • No more undone homework for forgetting school material!


  • Monday to Friday from 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


  • One (1) period: $7
  • One (1) week: $25

The pastoral care ministry provides students with opportunities to grow in their faith and to put it into practice.

In elementary school: Exciting stories!

A pastoral animator who is full of ideas meets with students from kindergarten to grade 6 once a month.

On the agenda:

  • Thematic and praise songs
  • Study of different personality traits from the Character First Education curriculum.
  • Stories of historical and biblical characters

In secondary school: Faith in action!

  • Common chapel time once a month. In this activity, students receive a relevant biblical teaching and are invited to get involved in music and praise.
  • Group and individual counselling services.
  • Spiritual and community involvement, in which students learn to serve others.

All our students lunch at the cafeteria in their respective sections. Several microwaves are available to them. Also, part of the cafeteria is reserved as a “student café” to give the teenagers a friendly area to interact with each other. All costs related to the lunchtime supervision are covered by the school.

Three times a week, the cafeteria offers balanced hot meals including a soup and a salad, a main dish, a drink and a dessert.

The all-inclusive price for a complete cafeteria hot meals is $5.50.

The school offers a vocational counselling service to guide students in their questioning about their career choices.

Several activities are organized to enable the students to see the many options that are available to them. Whether through career days or meetings with representatives from various colleges, our counsellor uses every opportunity to help them make informed choices.

Moreover, the whole school participates in the guidance-oriented approach to help the students, even the little ones, be aware of their entrepreneurial qualities.

Two qualified counsellors who are sensitive to the problems that the young people face are on site every day.

Constantly bearing the concern of the students’ wellbeing, they meet with the ones who are experiencing difficulties in order to help them clarify their situation and to point them to possible solutions to meet their needs. Their interventions are often based on biblical principles, and they work in cooperation with the parents and the school.

Being aware of parents’ schedule constraints, the school offers a childcare service as early as 7:15a.m. and from 3:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This service costs $1.00 per child per 15-minute period. It is also possible to make an annual agreement if you plan to use the service on a regular basis.

During the childcare period, students have access to various board games, the computer lab, the gym or the outdoor yard depending on the schedule of those facilities.

The school provides many academic support services to students who need it. In addition to the teachers’ excellent work to meet the students’ specific needs, our school has three special-education teachers and a learning assistance teacher. A speech therapist is also available if needed. Don’t hesitate to contact the school for more information.

There are several ways to ensure transportation of students between school and home.

A school bus service is available for both the South Shore and North Shore, at an annual cost of $925.00 per child.

Transport Rive-Nord
Transport Rive-Sud