Une pierre pour l'Avenir

For some years now, we have been planning on extending the school building in order to improve our offer. It is now urgent to find a solution to the pressing need for more space, not only to upgrade our services but also to keep our students in! For the past two years, we have had two kindergarten classes, which has led us to reorganize the building to make more room. This year, our current premises are overused and we need to jump to the next step. There are several projects on the table. One of them, our Plan A, has been under consideration for some months and could soon become reality. For this project to materialize, it needs to be supported by our community. Therefore we are proud to launch our fund-raising campaign, “a stone for the future”, whose objective is to gather $125,000 per year, during 5 years. Parents, former parents, business people, local churches, former students and various donors are targeted and will be contacted in a number of ways. Our deepest wish is to see the local evangelicalcommunity gathering around this project and that together we may see God’s glory and power at work through this school. Although our extension project, Plan A, is presently well under way, we are open to other opportunities. We are praying that God may lead us according his will and that He would open doors. We are certain ofone thing, it is that He has blessed us with 341 students this year, which is the number we were expectingfor 2017! This school was founded by faith, and by faith it will pursue its mission! Keep in touch to be informed about the next steps of the campaign and to see its progress. Pray, give, share! Today, let us build tomorrow together! You can donate directly online at the following address : https://www.canadahelps.org/fr/pages/une-pierre-pour-lavenir/