Ici, à Québec, l’anglais est souvent une deuxième ou troisième langue que nous devons ou désirons apprendre. Tu cherches des trucs qui pourront t’aider dans  tes cours d’anglais ou chez toi? Lis ces cinq textes composés par cinq élèves de la 3e secondaire. En plus d’avoir été votés les textes les plus accrocheurs de tous ceux qui ont été écrits dans ce groupe, ils contiennent plusieurs trucs que ces élèves ont eux-mêmes expérimentés… et qui fonctionnent! Bonne lecture, et bonne route vers les hauteurs en anglais cette année! Gisèle Boutin,Enseignante d’anglais de la 3e secondaire

The Magical Recipe for Good English

Maybe, sometimes it’s hard to learn a new language like, for example, English.  But, you must not give up! this article contains different tips in order to help you.

The most important tip is to listen carefully in the English class. It will help you understand what the teacher is talking about. If you don’t understand, it’s not a problem! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your teachers are there for you! ☺

The next tip is one that you should do everyday if you want. If you like to read books and magazines, why don’t you read them in English? Or if you prefer to watch TV, watch it in English! It will improve your English!

Finally, if you’re not very motivated to do your English homework assignments, you could do them with your friends. It will be more fun and will go faster! You can also talk to your friends in English and play board games in English! Like Monopoly, Bingo or other games of your choice.

If you make the necessary efforts, you will get results! This article is there to inspire you and to encourage you to improve your English. Don’t give up!

Amélie Therrien

How to Easily be Better in English

You are not really good in English, and you don’t know how to get better? Here are some tips to easily improve your English.

The first tip is to read books in English. This will help you understand texts and get better marks on your reading comprehension exams. You should start with a small book. Don’t forget to pick one that interests you!

The second tip is to watch English movies or watch TV shows. This helps you understand when your teacher or friends are talking in English. You will learn new words and have more vocabulary. You could start with a movie you have already watched in French, and then watch a new movie.

The last thing you can do to improve your English is to make a list of the new words that you have learned in your English class, while watching a movie or TV show or while reading a book. You can also write the definitions and some synonyms next to the new words. That will help you remember the words.

Now you have some tips to help you learn English easily, to improve your speaking skills and to impress your parents.

Lydia Bergeron

Learning is Important!

Do you know that God has created all the languages?

There are over 3 million different languages worldwide, and the most spoken one is English. If you have difficulty with understanding or speaking English, there are some tips that you can follow, either to improve your pronunciation, to learn new words or to understand this language.

You like watching movies or TV programs, don’t you? So you can do it in English with the subtitles, which will allow you to learn new words!

You should also sign up to websites where you can practice your pronunciation and grammar. I know that on some websites, there are chapters where you will have discussions. This way, you can understand what another person is saying.

If these tips are not enough, take private lessons. If not, go to English remedial. Your teachers are there for you.

Don’t forget: you can do it!

Valentina Asparilla

That Class

Oh, English! Learning it is not always easy. Rushing on homework assignments, not wanting to ask dumb questions in front of the class, not understanding anything… We have all been there. So for those who would need a little bit of help, here we go.

Tip 1: You should try to listen to music and play video games both in Engish. If you’re with people, talk with them in English. You can start with English subtitles but you will see, it won’t take long before you don’t need them anymore! 🙂 When you’re gaming, try to chat in English with other players and go on English servers. It will really help you!

Tip 2: If you know someone who can speak in English easily, you can try to talk to them in English as much as you can. So don’t be shy to speak in English because you don’t want to make mistakes, because it’s by doing mistakes that you will get better. Life is a pile of mistakes.

So, don’t give up! With practice, everything should be just fine. And most importantly : have fun while learning! That’s the most important thing to remember in this article!

Jacob Gilbert

Learning a new language can be hard, and English is no exception. Have you ever felt that it just isn’t for you? Well, it’s pretty sure you’re wrong, And, to help you, here are some tips to get it right.

First, listen in class. If there is something you don’t understand, don’t be shy to ask your teacher. You can even take notes to remember it. Of course, talking in class with your friends is way more fun, but you have almost all the rest of the day to do it. And ignore all the people who can distract you. They may fail their English class, but you won’t!

Another thing you should do is to practice at home. You can watch TV in English, read in English and even speak in English. To help you, you can do it with a friend and find some fun activities that you can do together. It will be easier to learn if you love what you do and it will help the person you’re working with, too.

Finally, don’t give up. It might be hard at the beginning, but perseverance is the best way to make progress. Remember: practice makes perfect!

Amélie Blouin